In Game Audio Ltd or IGA for short, is an out sourcing audio solution with an in-house feel.

We specialise in integrating audio into your game, making it as interactive, immersive and as variable as possible.

With  collective Xp of 25 years making, recording, editing sound and music especially for interactive content. We can provide professional expertise, advice and delivery of AAA audio quality in your game, off site.

A team of veteran and well experienced sound designers from all over the world coming together to form a company that excels in great interactive game sound design and musical production.


We write it, sync it, license it and edit it to your game or cinematic.

Voice Over

We can source and record voice actors, take care of the studio choices and direct, then edit implement and localise as required.


We are experts in Wwise, Fmod and Fabric and have loads of Xp working with BluePrints, FlowGraph and Unity.


Be it motorbikes, machine guns, football crowds or animals, we can source and supply the perfect source material for your project.