In 2016 we won best MMO in the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis and in 2015, a Global Music award with Jeff Broadbent for best Music for Drankensang Online. We also won a bronze Telly award in 2015 for Game Audio and Music for the Rise of Balor update for Drakensang Online.

Without any exaggeration, I can say that Andy and his team made the sound possible in SGW3!
He carried the responsibilities of assuring a market standard quality of sound, leading an audio team, licensing music and other content, and last but not least, Andy had to manage all involved parties properly.
All of the above and even more have been successfully covered.
I am incredibly happy to say that due to Andy and his team, Ci Games now has a substantial library of self recorded weapon and environmental sounds.
Besides working on the highest expectable standards and being an exceptional professional, I loved to see how he united the audio team and managed all stakeholders, including me, at a level that I was always aware of everything that happens.
We will work together again – this is a promise.
— Dan Olthen Executive Producer - Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
Andy was asked to help our sound team to improve the product and raise the audio quality of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. During the very limited amount of time he was given, he proved that his organisational & audio directing skills are top notch. Thankfully, he was able to make a lot of quick decisions (and get the budget for them) that had a direct impact on the audio, solving many issues & improving the overall audio assets quality in many areas. He helped us to organise our work in agile manner, prioritise tasks, organise & direct dialog recording sessions and field recording sessions. He also managed to fill a lot of communication gaps and allowed sound team to keep in line with the dev team.
Not to mention, that he is great guy, with great sense of humour! I look forward to work with Andy again
— Marcin Sobczak Senior Sound Designer CI Games